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If it isn´t please explain the logic of how it can be considered the "same timing window"?

The press step determines if another round of combat would occur, or if the combat would end.
Once the press step is over, we get that piece of information, that is during the "end of round" step (which is the following step).

During the end of round step, you can play Taste of Vitae (cardtext) and/or Telepathic Tracking since the combat "would end" because no other effect makes it continue.
Please note that the new round is queued the same way it would be queued due to an uncancelled press to continue.

The way I´m reading the text of TT (note that English isn´t my native language)

Only usable if both combatants are still ready and combat would end. 
Instead, start a new round.

the text portion "combat would end" refers to the event of the combat ending and not to the point in time when the conclusion of whether the combat will continue or not is reached.

Ask yourself: "would the combat end now that noone presses to continue?" since the answer is "yes", you can play TT.

Thanks for explaining, I think I understand now.
All cards/effects in a combat are played/triggered in a given round of combat, this means that the latest one can play cards/trigger effects in a given round of combat is at the step "End of Round" aka "Round Ends" (per the play summary)...
In turn, the above leads to that "combat would end" is at the "End of Round" step and cannot be referring to the step "Combat Ends" (which isn´t mentioned in the rulebook but is there in the play summary).

The reason for me reading it as per above is because normally all card effects are to be resolved immediately with the exception of actions, strikes, and effects that explicitly state a delay or when it resolves... which the text of TT doesn´t do...the text portion "Instead, start a new round." is a replacement effect which to me only seems natural and logical if resolving immediately that one would be in/at the "Combat Ends" step replacing it with "starting a new round instead".

I agree it can be disturbing since the card resolves immediately by "queing" a new round. I pondered using "queue a new round instead", but it would mean introducing a new term in the rulebook ("queuing rounds / queuing combats"). But maybe it would be better.

No, it wouldn´t be better to introduce new terms....though I don´t think that the wording "Instead, start a new round." is clear about it queueing up/delaying the effect.
I propose to word it similar to Psyche! (e.g. below, it's a combo of Psyche! and the rulebook wording)

:AUS: Only usable if both combatants are still ready and combat would end. After this round, another round of combat begins.

which comes before "at the end" and clearly "Round Ends" is before "Combat Ends"

The "end of round" is the name of a combat step, it could be called "gong" or anything else that does not contain the word "end".

The steps are clear as defined in the latest rulebook. When I wrote "Round Ends" and "Combat Ends" I was referring to the steps defined in the play summary...doesn´t matter now as I understand the logic and the basis for the rulings.

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