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This is different since SS checks for the vampire being Seraph at the moment it is played. IMO AG text checks what she was while performing an action, not after.

No it doesn't. It says "after another anarch .. performs".
AFTER. The sentence refers to the past, and thus checks the condition after an action has been performed, not during it.

But this returns to the issues in the rulebook where "resolves" and "performs" are used interchangeably, despite "performing" not been adequately defined. In the rulebook its never clearly said when exactly has an action been "performed". Is it after an action has been attempted, or is it after it has resolved? The rulings will be very different depending on definition. For those writing the rulebook passages, I recommend you pick a word and use it throughout when speaking of a specific thing.

After a lenghty Discussion with Ankha, on a different topic, I agree, that the "after" here is the important, and defining part of the timing. It does not check until "after" the thing that follows hapend.

The Rulebook defines that a "succesfull action" is an action that resolved without being blocked.

This means "after another anarch performs a succesful action" must be "after resolution" because before resolution, the action can not be succesful, by defintion.

This is actually how/why the new Lutz wording works the way it does. "after" excludes a contiuous check. (see other thread vs the old Lutz wording, wich checked continously)
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14 Aug 2022 09:51 #105964 by Ankha
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Can Aline Gädeke use her special to unlock after another non-anarch vampire successfully performs the "become anarch" action?

Yes. The anarch condition is checked at the same time as the effect applies, that is after resolution.

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