1.1. Player Eligibility

Any player is eligible to participate in an open, non-invitational, V:EKN-sanctioned tournament (for non-open tournaments, see section 9.8) except for the following:

  • The tournament organizer of record (unless he or she is participating in an event that uses the Multi-Judge System; see section 2.9);
  • The head judge and any other listed judges of record (exception: see section 2.9);
  • Players currently suspended by the V:EKN;
  • Other players specifically prohibited from participation by V:EKN or White Wolf, Inc. policy.

Any ineligible player participating in a V:EKN-sanctioned tournament will be subject to the Judges' Guide and further V:EKN review.


1.2. Necessary Tournament Materials

Players must bring the following items to a tournament in order to participate:

  • A visible and reliable method to maintain and record game information (counters for the Blood Bank, pen and paper to record deck information if required, and so on).
  • A valid and unique V:EKN number registered in the participant's name.
    Note: New players must register for V:EKN membership at their first tournament. Players may only have one V:EKN number. Tournament organizers must report any player using more than one V:EKN membership number.
  • Any materials specifically required for a particular tournament format, as required by the V:EKN Floor Rules or the tournament organizer.
    Example: Players need to bring their assembled decks to Constructed tournaments.

1.3. Wagering

Players and tournament officials may not wager, ante, or bet on the outcome of any portion of a tournament.


1.4. Taking Notes

Players are allowed to take written notes of their opponents' decks and activities, so long as doing so doesn't interfere with game play (especially the speed of play).


1.5. Electronic Devices

The head judge or tournament organizer may choose not to allow players to participate with electronic devices (such as cellular phones, pagers, and/or portable audio units) turned on.


1.6. Publishing Event Information

White Wolf, Inc. reserves the right to publish event information such as the contents of any player's deck as well as transcripts or video reproductions of any sanctioned tournament. The tournament organizer is also permitted to publish event information.


1.7. Document Updates

The V:EKN reserves the right to alter these rules as well as the right to interpret, modify, clarify, or otherwise issue official changes to these rules, with or without prior notice.