Ante Card: Any card that mentions "ante" in the rules text of the card. These cards usually have a game mechanic associated with a player "anteing" a card. Ante cards are found mainly in older Vampire: The Eternal Struggle expansions.

Banned Card: A card that is not allowed by the V:EKN in the indicated format. For example, the card Return to Innocence is banned from all V:EKN-sanctioned tournaments. This means that Return to Innocence is not allowed in any deck in any V:EKN-sanctioned tournaments (neither in constructed nor in limited).

Constructed: A tournament in which players bring their own decks to the tournament. Decks are built with any cards the player has available, subject to any restrictions given in the V:EKN rules regarding allowable cards.

Cutting: One time only, removing a single portion of a deck and placing it on top of the remaining portion without looking at any of the card faces. Anything more than this one cut is considered a shuffle.

V:EKN: The V:TES Players Organization, responsible for developing and maintaining tournament rules and resources for V:TES.

Game Begins: A game is considered to have begun once all players have presented their decks to their predators for shuffling/cutting.

Limited: A tournament in which players build their decks at the tournament from cards they have received from packs opened at the tournament.

Premier Events: Any event that White Wolf offers only to select tournament organizers or is open only to a select group of players (based on invitations, for example). Premier events can include, but are not limited to: World, Continental, National, Regional, or State Championships, storyline tournaments, and Prerelease tournaments.

Promo Card: Any playable card that is released by the manufacturer separate of any given card set.

Proxy Card: A card used during competition to represent another card; also counterfeit cards, or any card that is not genuinely produced by the game's manufacturer.

Public Information: Refers to information that is available to all players in the game, such as statistics or card text that participants are required to share with tournament officials and opponents according to the rules of the game. For example a player's pool the number of cards in a player's library is public information.

Rating: A numeric value published by the V:EKN that indicates a player's past performance in sanctioned tournaments.

Ranking: A value, based on a player's V:EKN rating, that indicates a player's position relative to the group he or she is being measured against. For example, a player may be ranked in first place in the city of Hamburg, Germany, but may be ranked in eighty-fifth place when compared to all of Europe.

Round: The period during which gameplay takes place.

Round Begins: The time posted and/or announced by the head judge or tournament organizer for all players to be seated and ready for play.

Scorekeeper: The scorekeeper is a tournament official whose responsibilities include: receiving and recording all game results, constructing player seatings, ensuring accurate entry of game results, removing players from the event, and so on. Tournament officials, such as the head judge or tournament organizer, may also be the scorekeeper for the event.

Tournament Begins: Once the onsite tournament registration closes, the tournament has begun.

Tournament Official: Any person who is empowered to maintain the tournament. This includes, but is not limited to: the tournament organizer, scorekeeper, other scorekeeping staff, head judge, and all other judges (section 1.1).

The V:EKN Tournament Rules are based on the applicable portions of the DCI Universal Tournament Rules and the DCI Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Tournament Rules for the 1999-2000 Tournament Season.

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