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15 Jun 2012 08:24 #32147 by Kiddo
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I don't know...on one hand, it sounds like a solid idea (but this still doesn't migrate the fact that you're spending a card slot for an, at best, average card). On the other hand, equippable master is an entirely new mechanism and therefore I'm very much against it...
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15 Jun 2012 09:44 - 15 Jun 2012 09:54 #32149 by jamesatzephyr
Replied by jamesatzephyr on topic Re: Archetypes

True, the competition for masters is crazy competitive.

Then how about make Archetypes equip-able? Make it an equip action, all of them have a clause on the bottom that says, "A vampire may also take a +1 stealth action and untap to equip this Archetype."

Again, like making them all trifles, this makes them all better in exactly the same way - and if my choice is between Perfectionist this way and Guru this way, I'm still almost always going to pick Perfectionist. It's just now I'll have five Perfectionists in my deck and equip them, rather than two that I used in my master phase.

You then start thinking "Oh well, can we put this errata on some of them?" and it becomes way more annoying to remember.

Granted James also highlighted why errata is unlikely. But I never understood that. There's been enough text migration, errata and other silliness that tinkering with the new cards is such a minor thing. If it makes for a better game, or at least an interesting Storyline or variant, why not?

LSJ, at least, treated 'most recent printing' as a somewhat different case to errata. In particular, there is a vocal group of players who - pretty reasonably - dislike not being able to include a copy of a card in their deck that actually says what it does. (This is sort of distinct from wording clarifications which don't change the function - but even there, it's nice to have it.) In that way, you could give a new player a deck and every card would do exactly what it said.

You can get round this to an extent with stickers and sleeves, but that's annoying.

On the other hand, having a relatively high bar to issuing errata is good in that players aren't yanked around all the time. If we had errata every time someone thought of how to make a poor card better, there'd be a slew of new errata to learn every other week. The benefit is stability, the cost is some cards that are just massively outclassed.

Where possible, I think upgrading / enabling outclassed cards via other mechanics is mildly useful, though. Like a vampire's special. Or one level on an Anarch three way. Or something like that.
Requires a ready Malkavian, Malkavian antitribu or vampire with superior Dementation, and at least three
Search your library, hand and/or ash heap for four differently-named Archetype cards. If you do not find four, this card's resolution fizzles. Choose one of the four at random and remove it from the game. Move the other three to vampires you control (one each), paying the cost and meeting requirements as normal. Any that you cannot move to vampires you control are removed from the game.
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