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27 Feb 2017 09:53 #80878 by talonz
The term you are looking for is fallacies.

Not phalluses. Trust me. lol.

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27 Feb 2017 22:36 - 27 Feb 2017 22:37 #80895 by blackday
@talonz: you sir, have just made my day:) . Good catch btw.
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01 Mar 2017 19:27 #80939 by Blooded Sand
blackday, if you are serious, get back to me today, we are putting together a buying group, we are at 50 sets and counting

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02 Mar 2017 18:49 - 02 Mar 2017 18:52 #80958 by fredsct

But the decision to distribute the cards at the EC was the correct one. I'd say that about anything that ends in cards being printed.
Reasons for outrage?
In psychology, there are certain logical phalluses, biases and such, if you follow. One category of these is a fairness bias, incidentally more common in the States than elsewhere (statistically, I'd have to find old textbooks to cite...). So, not an excuse, but a real thing anyway. I'm not as happy as I would be if NAC hosted the set, but attendance and visibility matters for the future prospects of being printed.

Big picture: in print >not in print= correct.

I think your reduction of the problem is wrong and thus your conclusion is erroneous. You seem to be conflating the issue with a political one, where fairness often comes up in how the law should treat different issues WRT to attempting to be fair or not, depending on how one reasons through the philosophical and pragmatic issues. But this isn't the law. This is a game and for very pragmatic reasons, the rules of the game need to be fair or people won't participate and it dies. I think what confuses a lot of people vis CCGs is that they forget that opportunities to obtain the product are actually real, practical parts of actually playing the game. (To make it clear, even if *I* don't have own a given card, I may still have to play against someone who does.)

Distributing a special privilege promotional set of cards that are distributed in an extremely unfair manner has been at the top of my list of what-NOT-to-dos in CCGs for over 20 years. Historically, I note that VtES has done a pretty good job of avoiding that, Marianna Gilbert and Dan Murdoct promos possibly excepted (although I believe even these could be had by tournament organizers who tried hard enough for a couple years). I consider distributing promos at only one single event in the entire world to be the exact opposite of a good thing for a CCG.

The other piece of your reasoning seems to rest on the idea that this act of extreme player blackmail will somehow result in reviving the game back into print. I'm completely skeptical about how the one results in the other. Negotiating with new WW to allow them to print promos for this purpose strikes me as mostly as just setting precedent for future dealings with WW: further promo prints to blackmail more VtES players to attend non-VtES events. (Assuming anything further is ever printed at all, of course...) I'd like to think I'm wrong about that, but momma don't have no idealistic sons. At least, not at this point in my life.
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03 Mar 2017 11:46 #80978 by Lönkka
You, Sir, seem to continuously perceiving the glass as half empty.
Someone naming you a sourpuss might not be all that wrong.

The good Mr. Benjamin Peal just suggested in another thread that the organizers have been impressed with the order numbers for the set which, in more positive mindset would be augured as a positive sign for the future of the possible additional reprints.

Finnish :POT: Politics!
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03 Mar 2017 15:39 #80986 by self biased
i totally understand why you're so salty over this, and honestly, I largely agree with you. But after seven years of the game being in torpor, new cards are being printed. full stop. New cards.

I wrote an email to white wolf asking them why they were making it so hard for me to give them money. and it seems I wasn't the only one, because not too long afterwards they made the announcement that the set would be made available to more vekn events.
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