file Anthololgy Set, or, FU Non EU players

09 Mar 2017 10:24 #81051 by Tendoncutter
@ Fred

It's unfortunate that you left out the majority of my post, as you genuinely seem like you found the decision to test a print at a "local" tournament surprising. Your thoughts on this would have been welcome.

The reason I asked for stats regarding cross-continent playing was because competitive edge was used as an argument against the set(by you..), which would be a fair point, if the numbers supported the issue. That you strategically snipped out parts of my post in an attempt to warp it to your cause, doesn't really change the question.
It does, however, illustrate that your point about comptetitve advantage was disingenuous, going by the reasons listed.

But I get it. You want it, simply because it exists(or will) and believe not getting it will tank a game that has been in torpor(at least from a production POV) for almost 7 years, because everyone thinks like you.
But you seem to disregard both the circumstances, change of IP, future possibilities(at least the positives) and how & why we got here, in the proces of getting your point across. While accusing the people who put voluntary time and energy into keeping the game afloat, of not having the best interests of the game and players in mind.

Kinda hard to fault people for pointing out the unproductive nature and lack of perspective in your input.
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30 Jun 2017 16:58 #82411 by chedcan
For those Canadian / USA players who didn't get to go to Berlin and are aching to get their hands on the Anthology, I have a few extra ones and I am more than willing to spread the joy around and part with them for a very reasonable price.

My only condition is for you to abide by a gentlemen's agreement that they'll be for your personal or playgroup's "need" and not resold for profit on EBay (because I could do that myself but that's not the point).

contact me at c_chenard[at]hotmail[dot]com
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