28 May 2018 21:11 #87634 by Sydnelson

Hi Sydnelson,

thank you for your testimony.
For some reason, portuguese speaking countries are like that.
Some people use VtES as a way of expanding their own weaknesses and insecurities.

If people like Desso exist in a hobby that is heavily dependent on volunteers and community behavior, why does he have a following?
Why doesn't the brazilian community as a whole set him aside?

For evil to exist all there is needed is for good men to do nothing.

Because he has always tried to show a good face to all players, always trying to be warm and friendly most of the time. And it's like I said, he really likes the game and has good ideas. Just the way he wants to apply and impose ideas that are bad. And he does not like to be annoyed, then this kind person becomes bad in my opinion.

And the Brazilian community is finally putting it aside. I hope the
controversy and fights cease from now on. Only time will tell.

Fernando Cesar - Sydnelson
LackeyCCG and OCTGN VtES Mantainer

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29 May 2018 00:36 #87642 by hellmalhame
At last! I thought this would never happen. For years I listen to a lot of complains about his tirany and bad decisions, and I always told that we should do somethind about it.
What ocurred in 2018' SAC - Sydnelson already wrote here - was something that made me really angry, because a guy bullyed a woman and, as a woman, I couldn't feel any different. In my opinion, Anderson did what he had to do, what was the right thing to do, but it was an exception.
Anyway, we can't just close our eyes forever. If the majority of players here in Brazil need to speak... let them do it =]
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29 May 2018 02:24 #87647 by thiago_sousa
Greetings everyone.

Althought this is the first time posting something here, I'm an active player since 2008 and always keep an eye here for updates, discussions and everything else.

I would like to step out the shadows and make some considerations regarding this topic. I'll try to make that this comment is short and straight to the point and to not mention subjects already exposed on past comments.

When I first heard about Desso(Anderson Garcia), he was only a regular player. A player known to have a reputation: problematic, who often got involved in table fights (discussions), always having problems with the Prince. Back then, I never had the chance to meet him or talk to him. So, why should I judge a book from it's cover? I'd got to know him and get my own conclusions. And so I did.

When he became Prince of São Paulo, if memory serves me well, his propposal was to bring together not only 'his' city, but the Brazil as well as a big and united playgroup.

His debut as an organizer was hosting a National Campionship (which I won with a DoC deck :D). The value charged to participate the event was very expensive, the place chosen to host the event was in the middle of nowhere, with no cel phone/internet signal, very difficult to get and to leave (no underground train, no bus, available only by car) plus travel tickets, because I'm from Rio de Janeiro. The meals were precarious and expensive (again!). A total disaster. But ok, that was his first event, he'll learn, the next one will be a better one. So that was everybody's expectations.

His second big event, was both a NC (National championship) AND a SAC (South American CHampionship) and took place in the following year. Again, all items mentioned in the previous event happened again (save the meals, they were very good. Know why? Because it wasn't Desso's responsability this time. Someone capable was). Make mistakes is inherent to human nature. I mean, one time is ok, but, a second time is stupidity. Or an act in bad faith ?!

And here I'm gonna 'make a parentheses' about some of his attitudes along the years.

1- Desso used a political maneuver (a sordid one) to became host again. The vote to decide which city would host the events was opened and it's deadline was December 31th, midnight. Yes, Reveillon. He was losing by 1 vote and, when it was one hour (or less) for the deadline, he managed to call one Prince who didn't vote, to vote for him. So, it was a tie and in the end, he won.
2- After the game stop being published, he started to manipulate the card market at a national level (erasing both posts and comments, saying that what he was doing was wrong), selling cards at extortionate prices for new players. I know, we're all capitalists, he wasn't forcing people to buy, but, maybe (probable, actually), he was coercing.
3- When Belo Horizonte (the third big playgroup of the Southeast region) was hosting a big event, he created such a big mess about an organizer's mistakes, which resulted on the city's temporary suspension of hosting events and the former Prince 'resignation', out of pure discontent. To take note: it was the first time organizing an event for that Prince and the mistakes commited weren't that serious to earn such punishment. I was there, I saw. Everybody saw and knew. But he elevated the problems so high that all unfolded the way it did. Let's not forget that he commited greivious and bigger mistakes when he hosted and, despite all complaints at both times, nothing happened to him.

I'm not mentioning this because it's againt the rules. I just want you guys to know what kind of character he have. A man who's capable of doing dirty little (or big) things to feed his ego with no concern if he's harming other people. Not to mention the playgroup on a national level.

All that said, you must be thinking: where the hell was the NC (National coordenator) that he saw all this and did nothing? Well, the NC was Roberto Mautone (he started on 2014). Then, he WAS one of Desso's closest friend. I can't describe him differently: fair, friendly, clever (I mean, intelligent and smart), available and impartial. Impartial to all that didn't included Desso as a Prince. Desso managed to, little be little, take advantage of that friendship all those years, manipulating even Roberto (my personal opinion about this, is that Roberto, deep inside, knew what was going on, but, still nourishing the friendship, kinda 'allowed' him...) to help with all his schemes. One more proof that Desso acted in bad faith, was the episode (and it became public, everybody knows) when he accessed Roberto's Mesenger and read his private conversations with other people. Knowing the contents of those conversations, he started retaliations, fights in many face lists which unfolded in another scandal envolving him.

Guys, I'm sorry if this comment got too big, I tried my best to be concise, and yet, tell the most details i could remember.
I hope it helps to show the true face of a person that fiercily believes that he's living in a Jyhad, that because he's a "prince", he actually have the power of one. Worst, that he's above others.

Thiago Sousa
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29 May 2018 12:41 #87676 by Wand
I was willing to make a big post to do my testimony, but Alexandre said a lot what I would want to say. When you have a problem with everyone else, the problem actually is you. That's Desso.

I can corroborate most of what Alexandre said because all is known through the community and I have suffered myself my share of bullying and retaliation for stand against some policies.

Bottomline what I can say is: Desso does not represent the will of the majority of the community and it is disappointing that he is in such a high position at the vekn.

Archbishop of Vitória

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29 May 2018 13:13 #87680 by TwoRazorReign
So, I am total outsider to this situation. But, I'm reading through all these posts, and all I see are accusations coming from one side, and I'm unsure anything I read constitutes a real violation of being a Prince (there may be real violations, I just don't know if they occurred). It would behoove the aggrieved parties if the following was done:

1. Review the responsibilities of being a Prince
2. Ensure that the accused person did in fact violate their responsibilities as a Prince
3. Provide proof that this violation occurred.

Notice how number 3 says "proof." So far, this thread is all accusations without proof. Again, I am a total outsider and am not involved with the VEKN at all. But, if the aggrieved parties want action taken against a person who has violated the responsibilities as Prince, the best course of action is to prove a violation occurred with evidence.

If there are no violations that can be proven, well...sometimes people are just jerks and there's nothing that can be done.

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29 May 2018 14:35 #87686 by DanielScooby
First of all,

this post is going to be used or will have any purpose?

If that post have a purpose, what if this ?

Finally what kind of proof does VEKN accept?

Daniel Abreu

VEKN ID - #6010149

"Ab auditione mala non timebit"

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