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Since I have had several jol players asking for easy to view list of cards without needing to open pdfs and stuff, I am just writing the full list here. Hope this helps!

(all crypt cards are group 5)

Gold Pan Dan
Clan: !Brujah
Capacity 6
:cel: :POT: :PRE:
Sabbat: Once each turn, when combat involving Dan ends and the opposing minion is not ready. Dan can burn 1 blood to untap.

Dark Selina
Clan: !Brujah
Capacity 9
:dom: :for: :CEL: :POT: :PRE:
Sabbat cardinal: Selina gets +1 stealth on political actions.

Alex Camille
Clan: !Gangrel
Capacity 5
:cel: :for: :obf: :PRO:
Sabbat: Once each action, Alex can burn 1 blood to get +1 intercept.

Clan: !Gangrel
Capacity 5
:pro: :CEL: :OBF:
Sabbat: Synner-G can untap after succesfully equipping with an electronic equipment from your hand.

Clan: !Gangrel
Capacity 10
:dom: :ANI: :FOR: :PRO: :THA:
Sabbat cardinal: Other methuselahs cannot play master cards that target Mimir. +1 bleed.

Clan: Lasombra
Capacity 2
Sabbat. Black Hand.

Carolina Valez
Clan: Lasombra
Capacity 9
:aus: :DOM: :OBT: :POT: :PRE:
Sabbat Archbishop of Montreal: Carolina is immune to damage from allies and retainers.

Badr, Shadow of Granada
Clan: Lasombra
Capacity 7
Independent: Cards requiring Obtenebration :obt: cost Badr 1 less blood.

Clan: !Malkavian
Capacity 4
:obf: :AUS:

Clan: !Malkavian
Capacity 7
:pre: :AUS: :DEM: :OBF:
Sabbat bishop: Drozodny can move a political action card from your ash heap to you hand as a +1 stealth action (discard afterward).

Clan: !Nosferatu
Capacity 4
:ani: :OBF:

Clan: !Nosferatu
Capacity 9
:dom: :ANI: :OBF: :POT: :THA:
Sabbat Archbishop of Berlin: Reaction cards requiring Auspex :aus: cost 1 additional blood while Strohmann is acting. +1 bleed.

Melusine d'Anjou
Clan: !Toreador
Capacity 8
:dem: :AUS: :CEL: :PRE:
Sabbat Archbishop of London: Once each action, if she is acting, Melusine can burn 1 blood to give a younger vampire -2 intercept.

Clan: !Toreador
Capacity 5
:cel: :AUS: :PRE:

Johannes Worringen
Clan: !Tremere
Capacity 6
:dom: :AUS: :THA:
Sabbat Archbishop of Amsterdam.

Gerald FitzGerald
Clan: !Tremere
Capacity 7
Sabbat. Black Hand. Seraph: During your untap phase, Gerald can burn 1 blood to make a younger untitled Sabbat vampire you control Black Hand.

Ludmijla Rakoczy
Clan: Tzimisce
Capacity 7
Sabbat bishop. Cards requiring Animalism :ani: cost Ludmijla 1 less blood.

Righteous Endeavor
Clan: Tzimisce
Capacity 8
Sabbat priscus: Righteous gets +1 intercept against infernal minions and +1 strength in combat with an infernal minion.

Xipe Totec
Clan: Tzimisce
Capacity 9
Sabbat Archbishop of Guatemala City: Xipe can steal a retainer or an ally as a +1 stealth D action that costs 1 blood. +1 strength.

De Sade
Clan: !Ventrue
Capacity 9
Sabbat Archbishop of Paris: Vampires controlled by other Methuselahs must burn 1 blood to cast votes and ballots against referendums called by De Sade.

Aimery Methuin
Clan: !Ventrue
Capacity 7
:ani: :pot: :AUS: :DOM: :FOR:
Sabbat: Younger Camarilla vampires get -1 intercept against Aimery.

Karif al Numair
Clan: Assamite
Capacity 10
:for: :AUS: :CEL: :OBF: :QUI:
Sabbat. Black Hand: Durin your turn you can tap or untap another ready Black Hand vampire. +1 strength. +1 bleed.


Dark Steel
Discpline: Obtenebration/Potence
Only usable before range is determined. A minion can play only one Dark Steel each combat.
:obt::pot: The opposing minion takes 1 damage each round of combat during normal strike resolution (at close range). This vampire gets an optional manuever this round, only usable to go to close range.
:OBT::POT: As above, but for 2 damage.

Esprit de Corps
discpline: Potence/Presence
+1 stealth action. Unique
:pot::pre: Put this card in play and untap this vampire. Minions you control get +1 strength. Burn this card during your untap phase.
:POT::PRE: As above, and you can burn this card to cancel an action card requiring Dementation :dem:, Dominate :dom:, or Presence :pre: that would target you or a card you control as it is played, and its cost is not paid.

Inside Dirt
D Burn the Edge to burn 2 blood from a vampire controlled by another Methuselah or to cause your prey to burn 2 pool.

Instantaneous Transformation
Action modifier
Discpline: Celerity/Protean
:cel::pro: +1 stealth
:CEL::PRO: Only usable at the end of a succesful action (after action resolution). This vampire untaps. A vampire can play only one Instantaneous Transformation at superior each turn.

Marked Territory
+2 stealth action.
Put this card on this vampire and untap him or her. You can burn this card to give this vampire +2 intercept during a D action against you. A vampire can have only one Marked Territory.

Public Vilification
Political Action
Requires a titled Sabbat vampire.
Choose a younger ready vampire controlled by another Methuselah. Succesful referendum means this vampire steals 3 blood from the chosen vampire.

Recruitment Exercise
+1 stealth action. Requires a Black Hand vampire.
Show the top card of your crypt to all Methuselahs and move it to your uncontrolled region. Add 1 blood from the blood bank to it if it is a Black Hand vampire.

Shadow Boxing
Action Modifier/Combat
Discpline: Obfuscate/Potence
:obf::pot: Manuever, only usable to go to close range, or press, only usable to continue combat.
:OBF::POT: Only usable after a combat resulting from a block. Not usable if the blocking minion is ready. This vampire burns 1 blood to continue the action as if unblocked.

Shakar: The Hunt
Master: contract. Trifle. Unique. Requires a Black Hand vampire.
Put this card on a ready minion. Every Black Hand vampire is considered chosen for this contract. Any Black Hand vampire can enter combat with this minion as a +1 stealth D action. Burn this card when this minion leaves the ready region.

Show of Force
Discpline: Potence/Presence
:pot::pre: D Bleed at +1 bleed. If this action is blocked, before range is determined during the first round of the resulting combat, this vampire can gain +1 strength this combat.
:POT::PRE: D As above, but at +2 bleed.

Spoils of War
Action modifier
Only usable after a succesful D action.
This vampire gains 1 blood and you gain 1 pool.

Under Siege
Cost: 1 pool
+1 stealth action. Unique. Requires a titled Sabbat vampire.
Put this card in play with 3 counters. Once each action, a Sabbat vampire you control can burn 1 counter from this card to untap and attempt to block with +1 intercept, even if intercept is not yet needed. Burn this card when it has no counters.

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