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05 Oct 2013 19:37 #54812 by DeathInABottle

The full set's out! I'm very glad to see it in the light of day. So to speak.

Is there a complete spoiler list of it somewhere?

Front page.

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05 Oct 2013 20:05 #54813 by Poci
Replied by Poci on topic Re: Danse Macabre Previews
So, as it seems, theres still nothing parity shift-like political action for sabbat....:/

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05 Oct 2013 20:09 #54814 by ReverendRevolver
Is there a full spoiler list other than pdf download? I dont have a computer i can use, so i was hoping to see the stuff on my phone.

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05 Oct 2013 20:25 #54815 by Klaital
Replied by Klaital on topic Re: Danse Macabre Previews
Here are my initial thoughts on some of the cards.

Gold Pan Dan, I really like this vampire, very solid midcap, and goes great with that new pot/pre bleed action from the set.

Mimir, I can already see lots and lots of star vampire decks made around this guy for the sole reason that he is immune to pentex. Quite solid discpline spread too.

Drozodny, this guy looks completely broken to me, did Lutz really need the help? And he only pays half a point from that special. He even has presence.

Gerald FitzGerald, really nice special, I can see !tremere black hand decks becoming quite popular.

Ludmildja Rackozdy, solid midcap, although she pays quite a lot for that special, taking in that there are very few animalism cards that actually cost blood, murder of crows and raven spy are about only ones that generally see play.

Xipe Totec, really good vampire, although I am kind of wondering why he doesn't have celerity, taking in his drum gives superior celerity.

Aimery Methuin, is this guy a reference to Jack the Ripper? The artwork kind of made me think of that.

Karif al-Numair, another black hand assamite to play with all the ones in group 4-5 already, not sure if that was really needed, though I suppose he is kind of huge, and two of the others are already 9 caps, so you probably don't want to play them all in same deck.

Spoils of War, a nice effect, especially if you combine it with social charm or legal manipulations, though I am not sure if its big enough effect to have space for them in a deck.

Inside Dirt, inferior enticement, or superior horseshoes for every embrace you got, and it doesn't even limit you from bleeding again, I can see rather nasty swarm decks made around this card.

Public Vilification, I really like this card, it makes sabbat vote decks and even more so, sabbat vote decks without presence much more viable.

Show of Force, this looks like the long lost brother of Iron Glare, looks like brujah of all types can now bleed for 5 with no blood cost, with a mini signpost just in case they get blocked.

Shadow Boxing, I like it for the simple reason that it finally makes nossies to actually gain some benefit from their obfuscate.

Dark Steel, this looks very very strong, lasombra suddenly became scary in combat.

Recruitment Exercise, this looks fairly redundant to me, taking in Black Hand already had Reunion Kamut that fills mostly the same slots in the deck.
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05 Oct 2013 20:51 - 05 Oct 2013 21:12 #54816 by Sydnelson
What is the abbreviation and the rarity of those new cards?

I'm updating LackeyCCG right now and don't know if I use DM:W or DM:PDF or another abbreviation to new expansion...

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06 Oct 2013 03:34 #54833 by ReverendRevolver
Im kinda impressed as hell with the artwork.

Also, solid cards for the most part, i kinda wish these were part of SoC, so idxhave less copies of useless stuff, and more coolness like these.


Im dissappointed that there are no other !malks with fortitude. I was hoping for one of those. It would have let me actually run loads of decks that are almost how i want them, but need more than apache, lily, and marge for.

I know they dont need help with library cards, but by giving more disciplines that are useful to a nice spread of vamps from one clan, they can break out of a typecast like sneaking and bleeding. Because that is almost all !malks win with, other than the toy !malk potence decks that are hurt now due to liliths being banned.

Having said that, i dig some of the specials. The neatest vamp in my opinion is the !torrie archbishop. Really interesting evasion special. And she has little dementation. Id like to say that it has zero practical value, but the fact that several(now several+1) torries and !torries have dementation( off the top of my head, phillip, rain, tears, amd the bald black hand awesome filler discipline spread guy) have dementation make me tempted to run cards like prison of the mind, mind of a child, mind of a killer, etc some time with them. But not until im really bored. Those decks dont win much.

I like the fatty ! Gangrel wifth THA and dom. His spread goes with other fatty Gangrel like Fakir and Mic.

The BH stuff is neat. I dig how the Assamite can tap down another persons BH vamp. The information network for bh(or is it more of a mesu bedshet?) Is cool with kamut. And the contract thing is a good example of what i thought this set would be: cool stuff that helps preexisting stuff needing help.

The only card i ld build decks around is inside dirt, but its all playable, so......

Good job, DT!
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