26 Feb 2017 12:29 #80863 by beslin igor
greeting Methuselah
have passed a year since the end of 1.lackey VTES tournament.
in recent times I see that there are a lot of interested players to re-play online tournament.
We would like to inform you that I will soon organize another one tournament.
I have now experience in the organization and see where I made a mistake at the first tournament.
Tournament had lasted 2 months with several delayed games and see it that way does not work.
some players were cooled from playing because of the length of the tournament, although the tournament at the end of successfully completed.
for this tournament I have the next idea: playing 2round+final
tournament would start on Thursday, and the qualifications to be played three days + final on Sunday
If some players do not have time to play on weekdays in Saturdays can play both qualifying round.
when registering players to specify what time they can start playing and based on that, I'll make the tournament calendar.
finals would be scheduled for the Sunday from 8pm gmt, why was the 8?
My experience says that at this time has the most players online, and I think that this is the best time for finals.
if all the finalists agreed time beginning finals can be changed.
My experience tells me that the time limit should be 3 hours.
1 deck per tournament.
a week before the start of the tournament I'll make announcement and players will be able to register.
before the start of the tournament I'll make a list of players who will play in the tournament.
rage quit players will not be allowed to play in this tournament.
if it happens that when registering some players can play at a time that the other player does not suit, also will not be able to accept registration.
Please register so that only players who really have the time and want to honestly play tournament.
if all goes worked well we playing 4-5 tournaments per year.
tournament will be scheduled at a time when no vtes tournament in real life to be given the opportunity to all players to play.
in tournament will be a panel of judges who will make decisions if there is irregularity in the tournament.
They will make decisions on punishment and disqualification.
a player who has been disqualified automatically ban to play next tournament.
all players can report irregularity.
Judges will also be able to play in the tournament and they will automatically judged on its board.
when creating calendars will determine one of the players at the table who will be the judge on his table.
what do you think of my idea? Do you agree? Should change something?
me idea I'll share on facebook groups: vtes lackey ccg; vtes world; skype group vtes; forum.
I expect your comments, tournament is played online and for fun, so there will be no prizes.
I please all who are interested in playing a tournament and having facebook to join the group vtes lackey ccg for ease of connecting with other players,link group:

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19 Mar 2017 07:52 - 19 Mar 2017 07:56 #81180 by beslin igor

Tournament will start 31.03.2017.
2 rounds of qualifying will be played for 4 days(31.03-03.04.)
I honestly think that the Friday and Monday more symbolic days and that 90% of games will be played on the weekend.
As I said earlier, if some of the players can allocate only one day of qualifications, he can play two rounds in one day, Saturday or Sunday.
Registration for the tournament will open 27.03.2017. I will also be explained as it looks registration.
I hope that everyone who wants to play to be able to allocate time in the period that I mentioned.
After completing qualifications, I make a deal with the finalists whu day they can play a finale, the last date will be Sunday, 04/09/2017.
I propose to all who want to play a tournament but do not have enough practice in lackey to start practicing.
I also want to mention that I need help from all of you who play, to play by the rules and respect the fair pley that it does not been any problems during the tournament
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26 Mar 2017 14:48 - 26 Mar 2017 14:49 #81212 by beslin igor
Greeting Methuselah
Today is time to open register for VTES tournament via Lackey.
Tournament start 31.03. Qualifications will take 4 days (31.03.-03.04.) to play finals I'll make a deal with the finalists. i think ideal time be 09.04.2017.
in registration will indicate: your lackey name, country, days and hours when you can play your games, your judges and tournament experience.
I'll need help with the judges. on each board will determine to judge a player with the most experience. and also before the tournament will determine the jury of judges, which will additionally help me in case there's trouble during the tournament (though I hope that these problems will not be because there was not be in the first tournament)
If you have any questions you can ask . remember 1 deck for the entire tournament, time limit of 3 hours.
Hours for registration, indicate the GMT zone, and when specifying hours, specify only hours when you can start a game (with time to count that this game may take 3 hours).
here I'll give you an example how the registry should look like-text put in brackets () is only text for help and please do not mention it in the registration:

Beslin Igor: me lackey name: Igor (I would ask players who sign in with Skype or vekn nicknames to indicate your real name if you want)
i can start game: fryday 6pm-8pm (means I can start a game from 6.7 or 8 hours, and I can play longer than 11pm, I hope that everyone understands)
Saturday: i cant play
Sunday: i can play 2 games this day,start games:10am-8pm (means the game can begin at any time between 10am and 8pm with that this day I could play until 11pm)
monday: 8pm
Judge: I am Vtes judges and as I can judge in my game, or I have a lot of tournament experience and I can judge in my game(Players with little experience does not have to fill in part of the judges)

end registration

Please all not hurry with registration until you are be 100% sure of the exact time that you can start playing. Registration is open until Thursday (30.03) until 8pm gmt. then i gather up the names of all players and at the latest by 10pm will declare the tournament calendar.
if someone needs help with a stated GMT time zone, see this link:
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28 Mar 2017 15:10 #81230 by beslin igor

Lackey name: beslin Igor
i can start game: friday:5pm-7pm(all times i give in gmt zones)
Sunday:8am-7pm i can play 2 games
judge:I have never played a tournament but I have many years of experience in Lackey, if there is no one on the board with more experience, I can be the judge

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30 Mar 2017 16:13 #81239 by 2wayspeaker

Lackey name: 2wayspeaker
country: Belgium
i can start game: friday:3pm-7pm(all times i give in gmt zones)
judge: I'm very good at the rules but am only playing this game for 2.5 years.

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31 Mar 2017 11:59 #81246 by beslin igor
because of expectations of some registration tournament will begin tomorrow, and qualification will last for until Tuesday. please for patience. the current number of players is 10, if anyone is interested you can register today.

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