16 Feb 2018 10:09 #85334 by Bloodartist
Chances of getting a decklist for the winning deck?
Thank you for your work.

A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.
—Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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17 Feb 2018 13:18 #85344 by beslin igor
I have this deck only as lackey file,because i made this deck in lackey.
main vampire in crypt are: Rafael,Adana and Lutz

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19 Feb 2018 03:28 #85349 by Blooded Sand
Lackey has an export function you can use.

:assa: :flight: :QUI: :OBF: :POT: :FOR: :TEM: :DOM:

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19 Feb 2018 17:17 #85356 by beslin igor
You are right Blooded Sand!
TOURNAMENT Twilight of the damned Winner deck:

3 Adana de Sforza
3 Rafael de Corazon
2 Alicia Barrows
1 Herbert Westin
2 Lutz Von Hohenzollern
1 Stavros

1 Abactor
2 Cloak the Gathering
4 Elder Impersonation
3 Faceless Night
2 Forgotten Labyrinth
3 Lost in Crowds
2 Spying Mission
2 Hide the Mind
3 Mental Maze
2 Entrancement
1 Legal Manipulations
2 Approximation of Loyalty
3 Bewitching Oration
4 Voter Captivation
8 Majesty
3 Charismatic Aura
3 Flurry of Action
1 Revelations
5 Telepathic Misdirection
1 Anarchist Uprising
1 Ancilla Empowerment
3 Banishment
3 Conservative Agitation
1 Disputed Territory
4 Kine Resources Contested
1 Peace Treaty
1 Political Stranglehold
1 Reins of Power
1 Snipe Hunt
1 Domain Challenge
1 Giant's Blood
5 Villein
1 Information Highway
3 Zillah's Valley
2 On the Qui Vive
2 Wake with Evening's Freshness
1 Sudden Reversal
2 Enkil Cog
1 Monastery of Shadows
The following user(s) said Thank You: Blooded Sand

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24 Mar 2018 11:07 #86019 by beslin igor
TOURNAMENT VIA LACKEY 13.04.-19.04.2018.

Please everyone who is interested to play,read.
Tournament will be the same as the all previous the format of the 2R + finals.
Qualification will last from 13.04.-19.04. which is a total of 7 days , so I believe that those who are mostly busy and want to play find their free time for the tournament.
The finals will be played afterwards in deal with the finalists.
I want to explain because of new players: as before, the players themselves choose the days and hours in which they can play their games, then I collect your terms and make a calendar for playing (if a player happens to have special conditions around the day and the hour other players can not meet, this special player will have to change his term if he wants to play in the tournament).

It is also possible to qualify to play in 2 zones, that is, the American continent especially in particular and European continent especially in particular (players who have more time can play in each zone 1 game, this avoiding playing against the same opponents)
Time limit in the qualifications of 2.5 hours and in the final for 3 hours, I hope that all of them agree with this.
Voice communication is allowed if all players accept, in the previous tournament all games are played without voice communication.
I share me idea in facebook group,skype group and vekn forum.
Anyone who is interested in playing should write in the commentary until 10th april,After that, I will announce the registration where each player will be able to write his terms for the game.
Tnx for time.

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09 Apr 2018 21:27 #86201 by beslin igor
Greeting Methuselah
Today is time to open register for VTES tournament via Lackey.
Tournament start 13.04.2018. Qualifications will take 7 days (13.04.-19.04.) ,finals be determine later in deal with finalists.
In registration you will indicate: your lackey name, country, days when you can play your games.
I want to announce for the new players, so you choose the days and hours that you want to play your games. I would like to ask players who can play or want to play both games on Sunday to announce that. But if a player has too many special requirements around the start of the game that other players can not meet, that player will have to adapt to others if he wants to play.
I'll need help with the judges. on each board will determine to judge a player with the most experience.
Remember 1 deck for the entire tournament, time limit of 2 hours and 30 mins (in finals 3 hours).
format 2R+finals
Registration is open until Thursday until 18 GMT (20 CET) then i gather up the names of all players and at the latest by 19 GMT(21 CET) will declare the tournament calendar.
Do not rush to register until you are sure of the exact time you can play.
I will register first to see how it should look.
If you have any questions you can ask .

Lackey name: Beslin Igor. country : Serbia. my schedule: friday 18-24. saturday 11-24. sunday 11-24 i can play 2 games in sunday. monday-thursday 18-24

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