07 Feb 2018 22:49 #85249 by beslin igor

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08 Feb 2018 13:39 #85262 by beslin igor

Final report:
the player who took 5th place in the last moment he canceled the participation in the final,and player who took 6th place play instead him.
After 3 hours the game is over due to the expiration of the time limit.

Victory points and meta game:

Bram van Stappen Tupdog / rush (1,5 VP)
Beslin Igor Malkavian+!Malkavian (mid. cap) / S&B
Martin Schumacher Capuchin and frends (11 cap) / Soul Gem (0,5 VP)
Marius Iscru Toreador (3 A) / Toreador Grand Ball / Vote (1,5 VP)
Francois Hudon Nephandus / Ally

In facebook and skype group i put pictures from final game,here is imposible that

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09 Feb 2018 13:08 #85272 by beslin igor
FINALE OF TOURNAMENT Twilight of the damned be played tomorow!!!
If someone still remembers that tournament I started 1.April 2017., to this day has never played finals.5 players could never agree about termin to play and the finals were canceled.
I considered it a failure to organize an online tournament and decided not to organize any more tournaments, but the last two successful tournaments made me change my mind.
I decided to organize this finale.
Players who can not play tomorrow or ignore my call to play will be replaced with the next player in the table.
I'll put tabele here for those who have forgotten

Twilight of the damned

Current Standings

Current Rank Name Prelim GWs Prelim VPs
1 Fernando Carvalho 2 7
2 Sandor Vicha 1 4
3 Roberto Mautone 1 4
4 Danilo Poggio 1 3
5 Fernando Cesar 1 3
6 Patrick Alves 0 2
7 Jonathan Van der Smissen 0 2
8 Beslin Igor 0 1
8 Giordano De LaMarques 0 1
10 Mike Pye 0 1
11 Martin Schumacher 0 0
11 Blooded Sand 0 0
13 Anton Dudko 0 0
14 Giovani Acosta 0 0
15 Marco Skulls 0 0

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14 Feb 2018 22:56 #85316 by Blooded Sand
Hiya Beslin
First of all, a HUGE thank you for going to all this trouble to organise an online tournament.
Seriously highly appreciated.
Regarding time zones, it is just hard explaining to the wife and kids why i am not taking them to the zoo/museum/some activity during the weekend during the day, as that is time that is allocated to them. This means organising these are tough time wise.

Honestly I don't know what will work.

:assa: :flight: :QUI: :OBF: :POT: :FOR: :TEM: :DOM:

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15 Feb 2018 11:49 #85318 by beslin igor
Ok Blooded Sand,i understand. I really do not know how much you have free time and can you spend free time to play an online tournament. whenever you're welcome.

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16 Feb 2018 09:51 #85333 by beslin igor
TOURNAMENT Twilight of the damned is finally ended!!!
Winner is Beslin Igor !!!
Congratulations on winning!!!
In addition to many problems, the tournament is finally ended. Tournament started 01. april 2017. ended 15.02.2018.
I want to thank everyone who was persistent and wanted to play the finals of this tournament. I also want to apologize to those who were interested in playing but their game terms did not coincide with other players. Basically, no one can blame me for not being notified in time because the finals are scheduled for Saturday(10.02.) and postponed for a Sunday(11.02.), and then again postponed. On Thursday(15.02.), I managed to collect 5 players who are ready to play the finals.

Finals of the tournament(order,meta game,VP):

Martin Schumacher !Toreador / Wall (2VP)
Beslin Igor Inner Circle / B&S+Vote (3VP GW)
Anton Dudko Thucimia and big frends /B&S+Vote
Giordano De LaMarques Sha-Ennu and small frends / Bleed w CHI
Sandor Vicha Unnamed / B&S

The 4 tournaments I organized were successfully completed.
I want to announce that as long as I have the support of other players, I will continue to organize an online tournament.

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