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The print runs of the VEKN sets were available from kickstarters, and will be obtainable otherwise later.

Already avalibel here
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12 Apr 2022 04:13 #104999 by ReverendRevolver

Let's talk about the New Blood decks out this month and thier impact on prices:

Nos: Preturnatural Strength, 3 deep song, crows, Grapples, and a murder of crows.
Tremere: MotS, 2×,Eyes of argus, ivory bow, and 2× rego motum
Ventrue: 5×freak drive, daring the dawn, 4×deflection and 2 second trads.

Now the other 2 aren't quite as impressive, but hear me out.

All of these decks act as a compliment to the V5 precon of each clan.
The torries give you one more of each prince, and ways to fine tune your vote to bleed ratio or add more TGB.
Ventrue does the same with a few more princes, plus the new guy, and adds options to tune up your actions, freak drives, and more reaction options.
Nosferatu is additive and let's you rethink your numbers on retainers or combat(damage output too) as well as reaction package.
Tremere let's you tune up the toolbox, and lean harder into combat or reacting if needed (odd to include candle over Bowl, but it hasn't been printed since BH? and it gives an option to lean into an unblockable ousting action, so it works).
The Malks even let you go political or more blocky. As an add on, it's functional. I just wish some obedience/madness network was in the v5 deck, that would really give options.

So these will help make staples even cheaper, and will be a very important gateway deck for new players.

My first precon was Cam Ed malks. You know, with :aus: :obf: :dem: AND :dom: ?
So these are much MUCH better. Starting with a skinny deck for €10/$11, then getting the hang of it before dropping $22 more on the V5 precon and customizing a competitive deck from those 2 purchases without ordering singles or getting cards from existing players? That's huge. The only downside is possibly contesting with old players. That's a pretty interesting downside, all things considered.

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