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29 Jul 2013 03:02 #52424 by Ohlmann

Wow, three very rude responses from active and upstanding members of our community (one an admin!). Good thing that VTES has so many players that our community can afford to alienate (new?) players by calling them stupid and lazy.

"very rude" ? Regardless of his situation, nobody is supposed to kiss the ass of someone who is angered that rule exists.
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29 Jul 2013 04:20 #52429 by the1andonlime
I think he overreacted and his words were uncalled for, and I don't think the lecturing was unfair.

That said, I am extremely impressed that some of us took the effort to explain the error in his understanding of the rules (game and forum) and his choice of words in a non-confrontational manner. Thank you, guys! Best I have seen in a while.

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29 Jul 2013 04:39 #52431 by Brum
Replied by Brum on topic Re: Govern, Ghouled, Imbued...

Copying and pasting the text of cards is a lot of work when you want a simple and quick answer, I am asking a question not writing a book. I get it for obscure cards and whatnot but this was more a concept question. You will note that an answer was given before you insisted that descriptions be listed. From now on I will ask in other forums as this one seems to be... uptight.

Since this response is right after my post, I assume is in direct response to it.
I respectfully advise you to ponder on the following points (no specific order:

-I have seen many other communities of many other games. None are as welcoming as VtES. You might think this not true. I hope you stick around time enough to be able to see that.
-Please note I started my post with "Please". That was not ironic.
-Although you might think it's pompous to ask people to copy+paste the card texts during questions, besides the reason people already mentioned that forces posters to read the cards, it also helps us that answer.
Many times the questions are not trivial and we need to see card text to better answer them. Might not be easy to access cart texts while at work.
-You might go somewhere else to ask for help, but chances are the people there will be the same ones here.
Here, you know FOR SURE that the answers are either official or reviewed by the Official Rules Director.

Cheers and hope to see you here again,
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29 Jul 2013 20:04 #52473 by ReverendRevolver
Just as a sidenote:

Our forums, not unlike the entire internet, has useful information mixed with opinions mixed with good ideas mixed with trolling.

What sets us apart are mannerisms and style of each. You might see kevin disliking something for various points he can nitpick apart, and you WILL see ohlmann and reyda sisagreeing alot, but we dont typically do that to complete new faces or in situations without reason for it.

And them theres the fact that if you need a rules question answered, this is the hands down best place. If you need a deck critiqued, this is like the third best option, imho, with the better options being having a playgroup of solid as hell playersxcheck it, or having it emailed to players who style you have alot in common with who win with similar stuff.
We play a game wherexwe get really pissed in game then act like nothng bad occured after. We do arguing very well.

But, unlike any other cardgame forum, and mtg boards i mean you, we help. Give a real attmpt at it, and almost always succeed. Or fail but make sure nobodies too dissapointed. We arent pompous for the sake of it, and we dont act like we arexuniversally better than the other thousands of players, also like mtg forum users. We often know the folks we address, as friemds, acquaintances, or even arch nemesies(again, reyda and ohlmann).

We are a community dedicated to helping our game, and its players. All disagreements tend to stem from that shared goal. Other places are not like this, to our degree. Not saying we are better or worse, just unique.
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30 Jul 2013 15:14 #52521 by edminister
This certainly garnered quite a few responses, the original question was asked via a cellphone so the idea of copying card text on an android was a lot of work. I do believe that I mentioned a group of people sitting at a table on their phones looking for rules clarifications later on. If there is some app I am not aware of please clue me in.

Timo answered the question for all intents and purposes immediately after I asked the question, thank you Timo. Brum clarified what is expected in this forum as far as posting. I get that. I responded with a bit of detail about why I was asking and the circumstances that led to such a short and sweet question in the first place and since then...

ReverendRevolver offered up other ideas and reiterated the ruling in a more concise manner, kudos.

AcBishop, further clarified why cardtext in posts was important, no harm done.

Boris played devil's advocate and went digging for more info, I appreciate it.

Ankha, AN ADMINISTRATOR just got nasty for no apparent reason. Shameful behavior and I am glad others noted it.

Jamesatzephyr than decided to jump in, completely ignoring the fact that I had indeed originally asked a question decided to rail on me for my later clarification of my actions. He also completely ignored that fact that my criticism was constructive, I did post an either/or scenario that he quoted before mentioning my genitals. Cool story bro.

Self Biased kept it clean, with further clarifications based on his knowledge of the game, no harm no foul, thank you.

KevinM spouted off without using any inference from my second post about how disrespectful I am of the game. I don't suppose he bothered to read Ankha's or Jaemsatzephyr's comments either or he would have done a better job of trying dish out the insults being slung.

Brettscho, a childe called Ankha and others out for their caustic attitudes which I applaud, especially since...

Ohlmann, a longtime poster, also mistook my second response for an unfounded criticism of the game.

The1andonlime thanked many for rules and forum clarifications and claimed that it was some of the best handling of a question he had seen in some time. I truly hope he was being sarcastic because if isn't I would love to pen the next State of VEKN. (following all forum etiquette of course)

Brum responded like an adult to my second post and explained himself well, his hopes to see me again in his post is the only reason I have bothered formulating another response at all.

ReverendRevolver then chimed in on (I am guessing) what to expect in these forums, even naming names. While critical of my post he was still fair and honest.

The bottom line, I posed a question and got an answer immediately. I appreciate it. Forum etiquette was brought up and that should have been the end of it other than healthy debate. It did not end there, your administrator decided to be asinine and prove my earlier mentioned point that the group seemed to be somewhat retentive, others decided to follow suit and drive my point home, it took a new member of the forum to call them out and that is really just sad. God help this forum if someone decided to honestly troll it. I have named names and by the looks of it by and large the forum is functional but no one should expect the types of responses I got from a certain few. Maybe my statements weren't clear and relied too heavily on inference but it is certainly no excuse. Because I am calling out an admin I expect this post to disappear pretty quickly but to those of you who do get the chance to read it and were helpful, I sincerely thank you for your time.
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30 Jul 2013 16:17 #52524 by acbishop
If you use Android look for an application named Vampidroid, you'll have all the cards there

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