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30 Jul 2013 16:29 #52526 by Ohlmann

Ohlmann, a longtime poster, also mistook my second response for an unfounded criticism of the game.

I didn't do that.

I can't bear rude people who can't understand a simple rule like "copying card texts". You should have apologized, not tried to find some reason to get angry.
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30 Jul 2013 17:41 #52528 by edminister
Acbishop, thank you very much, I will look into it.

Ohlmann, then maybe you should have stated that in your response, instead you made some statement that took some deciphering about ass kissing. What you quoted was my best interpretation of what you had been trying to say. As far as apologizing, I don't see the need especially after some of the statements made, they are hardly worth a response at all but I made one all the same and I did make sure to thank and credit those who are obviously productive members of the forum. That should suffice.

For the rest of you, if you want to spout negativity feel free to click on my name and PM it instead, this forum is the public face of the VTES community and spewing vinegar publicly makes everyone look bad, especially when a bunch of new members have to remind you of this fact.
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30 Jul 2013 19:26 #52531 by Suoli
I have a rules question.

Suppose that there exists person A who has a tendency to perceive any post as slightly more hostile than it actually is. Also suppose that this person knows his rights and will respond to any perceived hostility in kind.

Person A gets involved in a prolonged discussion with person B, who is exactly the same as A. The way their personalities interact dictates that hostility between them increases with every new post and a discussion that started on polite terms will spiral into a flamewar.

1) Which person is in the right?
2) Can the person in the right force the other one to stop being wrong?
3) If not, is there anything else he can do to prevent a flamewar?
4) Do you believe that this post is about you?
5) Are you being insulted?
6) If yes, is this belief founded more on reality or perception?

I couldn't find the relevant card text, sorry.
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30 Jul 2013 20:13 #52532 by KevinM
Someone is trolling the forum and his name is Edminister.

I suggest everyone stop posting in this thread. It'll only give him reason to go on and on forever about how everyone is persecuting him.

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30 Jul 2013 22:56 #52535 by the1andonlime

The1andonlime thanked many for rules and forum clarifications and claimed that it was some of the best handling of a question he had seen in some time. I truly hope he was being sarcastic because if isn't I would love to pen the next State of VEKN. (following all forum etiquette of course)

Thank you for bothering to address each response, but I think you have misunderstood what I meant.

I never thanked anyone for only handling the question (as implied by your statement). I thanked some people for answering a question and explaining the fault in your choice of words in a non-confrontational manner.

That said, I am extremely impressed that some of us took the effort to explain the error in his understanding of the rules (game and forum) and his choice of words in a non-confrontational manner. Thank you, guys! Best I have seen in a while.

That is what is "Best I have seen in a while".

Please realise that, while the tone used by some of us here is rather harsh, your original choice of words:

Copying and pasting the text of cards is a lot of work when you want a simple and quick answer, I am asking a question not writing a book. I get it for obscure cards and whatnot but this was more a concept question. You will note that an answer was given before you insisted that descriptions be listed. From now on I will ask in other forums as this one seems to be... uptight.

is rife with unnecessary sarcasm, and a little judgmental, when Brum was just trying to explain the forum rules on posting of game rules questions.

Hope this help put thing into perspective.

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31 Jul 2013 02:46 #52539 by edminister
Believe what you want KevinM, I am done with this.
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