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I am closing this thread. It has strayed far from the original question.

The only thing I want to add is, that everybody please be civil, be polite. This is our hobby, and supposed to be fun.
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I'll only add that I'm sorry if my ironic comment about Edminister being totally unwilling to quote cardtext he's asking about has hurt anyone.

Answers are 90% of the time in the cardtext, so be sure to read the latest cardtext (official source is vekn.net/images/stories/downloads/cardlist.txt). Other sources may be outdated and must not be used as reference.
Quoting cardtext in a rule question should be mandatory, even with the "well-known cards".
If you really can't quote cardtext (typing in a phone for instance), please make clear that you did read the cardtext and are unable to quote it.

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07 Aug 2013 03:46 - 07 Aug 2013 03:47 #52812 by Pascal Bertrand

Can I Govern down an Imbued and modify the action with Ghouled?

Correct answer from Brum in page 1. You can't Govern down to an Imbued.

Here's an extract of the Nights of Reckoning Rules addendum:
Nights of Reckoning page wrote:

In earlier sets, card effects that deal with crypt cards have generally assumed that crypt cards were all vampires. Now that this is no longer true, some questions arise.

In general, if you (the Methuselah playing the card or activating the effect) can look at the crypt card (e.g., because it is in your uncontrolled region or in any ash heap or in play, or if you're "searching" your crypt), then the target crypt card must match the parameters given by the effect. This usually means that imbued cannot be targets of these effects.

If you target a crypt card "blind" (either an unseen card from the crypt or an unseen card in some other Methuselah's uncontrolled region), then work with whatever you find. If the effect only checks/compares the card's "capacity", then treat the imbued's cost (starting life) as its capacity for that comparision.

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