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Shouldent a card gets it effects in the order it say so on the card?

It should, and it is. It's just that being removed from the game does not make stop applying its effect. See also Ezmerelda, which should not give you 11 pool since she is removed from the game before you gain the pool.

I mean, that if I play a psych after someone have rotschrecked me, its not like the Rotschreck is "floating" around remembering that the other vampire was going to torpor, why dose the card text on Art of Memory end upflowing around?

That's because a combat (or diablerie IIRC) stop the resolution of an action. If a card allow you to diablerize someone when a card is removed from play, you could use that to stop an Art of memory (and the whole action the Art was modifying) dead on its track.

Also on antoher note can I DI an Art of Memory? As soon as I play it, it goes away ;o)

But you cancel it before it take effect, so before it is removed. You can try to DI an already resolved card, but nobody would be surprised if it were not working. Except if you are a True Brujah, that is. Damned True Brujah with their strange card to act during another player turn or reverse the order of the game.

I have cranked up the sarcasm a lil' bit, since it seemed to be unrecognizeable as such at first
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Ehhhh what, since when is Jutland and island, and thats about 60% of oure land mass (if not more.

Also why all this hate now :'-(



Never let details get in the way of a good story or a pun :laugh:

Love you guys -you're the best!
For real!

Finnish :POT: Politics!
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