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19 Mar 2019 14:58 #94171 by jamesatzephyr

You're argument here falls flat because IG also works just as well in situations where there's only a few S:CE as when there's lots of S:CE, whereas Psyche! only works as well as IG when there's only a few S:CE.

Psyche! and other things like TT etc. also work when:
- your opponent plays Anaesthetic Touch (or Autonomic Mastery, which turns up in a few TWDs - emphasis on "few")
- your opponent plays Alpha Glint and similar pre-range "end combat" effects (Mariel, Powerbase: Savannah, Living Manse, Elysium etc.(*))
- for TT-like cards (but not Psyche!, because it queues a combat), when your opponent plays Illusions of the Kindred

Depending on what you see played locally - that guy with the annoying Salubri deck, or whatever - you may find this more useful than IG, Dog Pack, NSA Trio, Mind of the Wilds etc. (i.e. things that care about combat ending from a "combat ends" strike)

(*) This also includes the Shackles of Enkidu, which is in three whole TWDs ever, apparently. This is three more than I'd expected.

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19 Mar 2019 18:01 #94172 by jblacey

You can't easily take the "let them cycle their cards a bit" option, even if you want to, if you've only got reliable access to IG in your deck.

You have a point; that never occurred to me.

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