file Would you accept tournaments with Proxies ? and Why

18 Mar 2014 08:14 #60049 by Lönkka

Problem is most of whats super pricey is very niche. Except cog and monostary.

Offenders are purge, summon history, jake, cvs, ezmerelda, and preturnatural strength.

Preternatural, at least, comes from Lords of the Night which is still available.

I think the main offenders are Villein, Eyes of Argus, Deep Song etc

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18 Mar 2014 10:28 #60051 by alek
no. IMO this would have opposite effect on number of people playing tournaments that we're tryng to achieve. That's because big number of people don't want to play with proxies and see such solution as a lost of game's quality. It's kind of thinking that can be summarize with words "It's shame to play with proxies. I don't want to play a game where it's legal."

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18 Mar 2014 11:28 #60055 by Zenedar
Hello! I'm one of the players that this topic concerns as I have a VERY limited card collection. Any cards I own are promos I've gotten by playing tournaments for the 2-3 years I've been playing this game.

I sincerely understand why some wouldn't like to use proxies in tournaments. I feel bad for using them in casual games even! It just doesn't feel right somehow. You play a card and a piece of the image's frame is all messed up due to the printer acting up and you go "Yeah, sorry it's a proxy.. But at least you see what card it is, right?" Plus it doesn't feel right in your hand somehow. The cards get too thick lol.

On the other hand..
I'd gladly go through all the hassle and shame of using proxies in tournaments instead of having to borrow others cards. It's one of those mental issues I got I guess 'cus I really feel bad borrowing cards from other people especially since I can't get new ones should I accidentally misplace a few of them!

So that is where I stand. I want proxies for tournaments because the shame of using them is less than the shame of borrowing from others.
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18 Mar 2014 15:27 #60066 by ReverendRevolver
I REALLY wish CCP wouldve given about a year notice and let us print staples in bulk so we wouldnt have this concersation.

LotN is 1 preturnatural per box (sorry if thats not what someone else got, ive had 3 boxes total between my wife and myself) so you still need to drop cost of the card to not drop $90 ona box.

Now, i wish we coulda "handled destruction" of the stuff (if any) unbought when ccp cleared it out, just to gather playable stuff from it(again, running on premise of it getting trashed) and using them as promos for new players.

But i see both sides of the argument, and (somberly) back getting new cards with similar function way more than proxying

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18 Mar 2014 23:59 #60083 by self biased

i mean, the game's dead and i feel it silly to invest any more serious money into it. I'd be one thousand percent behind a netrunner-esque revival with some streamlining of rules and a more LCG format. i feel the the CCG format and the way the game was distributed doesn't really agree with how the game plays/feels to me. Vtes feels more like a board game played with cards to me, and not a quick and dirty ccg type game.

my group is okay with being proxy-friendly, and is significantly anti-organized play. so... yeah. i have no ending to this.

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19 Mar 2014 01:31 #60084 by TryDeflectingThisGrapple
I'm one of those crusty old players from the dawn of the game, so my experience might skew my perspective.

My formative playgroup oused to buy a boxes of Jyhad for $5 each and use them for "hardcore" campaigns. When a unique card was burned from play, we would all dig through our boxes assigned to that campaign and physically destroy all our copies. Watching 4 people throw their copies of the Ivory Bow into my grill is priceless.

Maybe that reinforced the "just a piece of paper" mentality that lingers in my mind.

PoD absent, proxies make a ton of sense even for players with well established collections. My current play group proxies simply for convenience in our testing sessions (no one likes shuffling Cogs, Tablets or even Villeins between decks).

Access to larger card libraries is the only way for potentially talented players to develop competitively after gaining baseline skill. Yes, common [DOM] cards can still win. But I prefer seeing something other than an endless stream of decks with Govern, Deflection and Anarch Troublemakers.

Employing proxies is also the way to get sufficient density of what I'll call "problem cards" into the hands of every player. Get enough copies in circulation and maybe we'll get some traction on errata or banning.
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