question-circle What would you like to see in a new expansion?

14 Sep 2011 16:56 - 15 Sep 2011 03:51 #10198 by Damnans
What would you like to see in a new expansion?

Since the development of V:TES is now more or less entirely player driven, and for many other reasons, we suggest making use of the creative efforts and energy displayed by players in this forum in the development of any new cards and expansions. A good and structured dialogue will provide valuable input to VEKN/any design team working on new expansions. This will make their work easier and at the same time ensure that the views and preferences of players in relation to new cards/expansions are communicated to VEKN.

Feel free to add your input to one or more of the points below, and/or introduce new points that you think should be added to the list.

It would seem appropriate for new editions to follow and/or develop the World of Darkness background.

Do we need new game mechanics? This is meant in the broadest sense, and would cover introduction of cards that work in a new way (such as Imbued), new types of cards (such as Events) new attributes (such as Trifle), etc.

Are there any areas that need additions/improvement? This would include supplementing the various groups with new vampires, and e.g. expanding existing mechanisms. Are any revisions of already printed cards required? This could either be in the form of re-writes (like the revised Anarch Revolt), or new cards adressing old problems (like Two Wrongs)

So far, new expansions have followed a similar format with boosters packs and starter packs. New expansions need not necessarily follow the same format. Many formats are used by existing collectible card games from which inspiration could be drawn.
Issues to discuss under this point includes: size and frequency of expansions; production, funding, distribution and price of cards; status of new cards; and the rights to publish new cards.

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14 Sep 2011 21:03 #10208 by Lech
1. Sabbat. Focusing on templars and inquisitors is a good starting point.

2. Yes, Trifle action cards (vampire can play one trifle action and untap after successful action, but if it's not a first action of this vampire, he taps as normal).

3. G5 for sabbat. Lazarene Inquisitor should be inquisitor and be able to play auto-da-fe and other inquisitor related cards. Parity Shift can use some nerf (reduce it's damaging potential by one by single correction of text), Master heavy decks can use some nerf (or to be more correct, ashur-liquidation combination as well as anthelios+lots of masters). Some bounce+reducion from obfuscate would be great, too.

4. small expansions 30-60 cards, twice per year or even once, founded in similar way as v:tm 20th book.

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Sabbat.Black Hand Shakar: Lech loathe ranged weapons. Once each action, he may burn 1 blood to become Camarilla Prince of Krakow until the end of the action.

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14 Sep 2011 22:26 #10212 by Count Orlok
Sabbat vote cards to give them a better footing against the Camarilla. It's too common to see Sabbat votes decks shot down because "Parity Shift would be better."

I'd like to see more bloodlines work to flesh out a few weak clans. Samedi and Harbingers both need more help, especially the Harbingers.

I want to see card effects that play off of Lilith's blessing, but not a total nerf. I like the card, but it's just too powerful as it now stands.

A cog needs to be thrown in the multi-master machine.

I'd like to see some help for melee weapons in general.

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15 Sep 2011 04:15 #10221 by blackday
Id agree that Sabbat, should be the next expansion. With focus on Gr5 vampires to offset the KOT influx maybe just 20+ new cards and 80-100 vampires. If we can reprint some older cards by all means please reprint some of the KOT library cards in the mix. For the next set after that id like to see a Cam/Sabbat expansion Archons and Templars then who knows.

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15 Sep 2011 04:42 #10223 by Dorrinal
The theme should reinforce the ties to the World of Darkness story. It should also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of particular clans and/or sects. For example: a set of 4 different preconstructed decks balanced against each other, representing 4 clans competing to control a city or region. Each deck would introduce new cards that reinforce a particular play style.

But most importantly, it can't have anything to do with infernalists. :)

New game mechanics aren't necessary, as long as new expansions can shake up the metagame or bring new life to old vampires. I think if the design team sets the proper goals they can decide how to meet those goals, with new mechanics being one of the many options.

See 2. New cards are a means to an end. For example, how to address the relative weakness of titled Sabbat vampires? New cards that match the power of Parity Shift and No Secrets?

Now that the game is no longer being printed for profit, it's about time we rid ourselves of the ripoff scheme of booster packs. Anything would be superior: full starter sets, selling boxes of commons, etc. I think small, focused expansions are ideal: they should be quicker to design, playtest, and cheaper to publish (if indeed they are to be printed).


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15 Sep 2011 08:19 #10244 by Inyor
I like small expansions of 20-45 cards 3 for year. Each expansion with a different theme and which serve to enhance this theme cards, for example:

-Secrets of the Sword - Sabbat group 6 - enhancing policy actions to bring it to the Camarilla and make political Sabbat cards have their own personality.

-Blood Moon- :gang: !gang! :abom: , werewolf allies and library/crypt cards with :PRO: :THN:
-The savor of Death- :giov: :hosk: and library/crypt cards with :NEC:

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