question-circle What would you like to see in a new expansion?

15 Sep 2011 13:57 #10262 by blackday
I'd love to see a living card game version or print on demand, so we dont have problems with the quality.

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15 Sep 2011 14:04 #10263 by Brum
What would you like to see in a new expansion?

Even LSJ gave hints in Palma that the next expansion would be Sabbat.
It is obvious (looking at the groupings and later releases) and it is much needed.
For those of you who like Sabbat... ;)

No. Please don't.
We need, more then ever, to get new players into the game in every way we can.
New mechanics doesn't help because that's more to explain and would only generate interest in the players who already play the game (for the new ones, everything is new, so...)
New cards will generate enough interest with us older timers.

Continue G5 and G6 with Sabbat Vampires. Maybe do it like in Camarilla Edition and also give us one of each of the Camarilla clans.
Make the new vampires interesting and strong, so new players get a feel that they have a chance to be competitive right away.
Please release Montano. 11 cap Camarilla Lasombra. B)
No nerfs on cards please. No release of cards naming other cards.
People complain about Sensory Deprivation and Parity Shift for years and VtES still exists with those cards without a distinct separation between those who used and those who don't. Same goes every other card / combo you can thing of.
Some people might not like them, but numbers don't support that.

I think the best option (from discussions amongst NC's and the good folks in this forum) is making it LCG style.
From time to time (this number depends on the people involved and their availability) VEKN releases N cards in high quality PDF or web format for players to print for free.
No money or profit can be made from any of this and I think it is the best way to keep people interested.


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15 Sep 2011 16:01 #10270 by cnislev
This sticky is based on discussions we had in this thread:

I have summarised below the input from the people involved in that discussion - a lot of loose ends :-)

1. Theme for expansion?

-- follow existing themes

2. New game mechanics?

-- not for now

3. New cards

-- no revisions. More G5 Sabbat vampires, more G6 vampires, expand research area mechanism, improve trophy mechanism, e.g. expand Bahari mechanism

4. Format and practical stuff

-- size of expansion(20-30?), frequency of publication, production, funding (prepaid by players?), distribution (via princes/direct sale?), status of new cards (promo? unofficial/official?), price, rights to publish new cards.

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16 Sep 2011 02:07 #10285 by ICL

Real Laibon expansion set. The four Laibon clans get 15 or whatever vampires each. Laibon Lasombra, Laibon Tzimisce, and to a lesser extent Laibon Ass/FoS/Gio/Rav all being blown out to be workable crypts. It seems a lot more interesting to me to increase the balance in commonality of disciplines. Admittedly, Kiasyd mean that Obt isn't as rare, but why shouldn't the non-bloodline clans with unique disciplines have extra vampires to lend more variety?

Camarilla cards that don't have anything to do with Princes/Justicars/ICMs. This could fall in a mechanics section, but primogen have always needed help and it's only worse since anarchdom became worth doing. It's kind of strange that Camarilla clans don't get more allies since the point of the Cam is to live with humans. How many Brujah allies are there in the game? How many of them were printed in Jyhad? How many Malkavian allies are there in the game? It's just stunning.

New Mechanics

It's really hard for me to think of all of the examples off the top of my head, but I'd much rather see development of existing mechanics. Government. Inconnu. Research area. Inquisition. There's certainly room for playing around with merging existing mechanics like a political action card that could be discarded for a combat effect or whatever, but if I had the time, I'd go through and hunt for mechanics that show up in (mostly) one card that should be more fully developed mechanics.

New Cards

Group 1 - Indies, Sabbat, Laibon, bloodlines.
Group 2 - Laibon.
Imbued - I'd like to see one of two things happen. My preferred choice is that Imbued are banned from tournament play. I don't see this happening, though. If it's not going to happen, more Imbued cards. This is another case of having an underdeveloped mechanic in the game. As nice as it would be for it to have never existed, if it must exist, then it should be varied. It's thematically poor to have Imbued and vampires in the same deck, but it's far more interesting to improve the synergies between them.
Abominations - clan card.


First, are we talking about actual printed cards? It's a big difference whether we are playing fake cards or real ones. And, then, there's the issue of whether they are going to be sold or not.

I prefer 150-200 card sets over smaller or larger. I consider Twilight Rebellion the only quality 60 card set with the others being overly narrow. Meanwhile, the massive sets, even putting aside how tiresome it is to get a bunch of reprints of cards I have hundreds of, make cards too rare. Legacies of Blood, for instance, should have been, from a player friendly point of view, two 150-200 card sets.

As to how often they should come out, how rarity is done, etc., I see all of that depending upon whether we are talking about real cards or not. If the game were to effectively go back into production, then I could see two of these midsize sets a year, though I'd imagine many would prefer once a year.

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16 Sep 2011 05:29 #10291 by fojtik

2. NEW GAME MECHANICS - No. Expand existing mechanics not working properly (Bahari, Research Area, Black Hand)

3. NEW CARDS - Group 5 and 6 vampires. Reprint some hard to gain cards (Ashur's Tablet, Villein) - or reprint them as part od new starters

4. FORMAT AND PRACTICAL STUFF - middle expansion, cca 120 cards. May be LCG and Starters. Prefere real cards.

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16 Sep 2011 05:55 #10293 by alek
just two more cents from me. Villein needs to be reprinted or banned/errated (better solution, it's badly designed: it's naming another card (minion tap), which is bad and villein + giant's blood is just stupid).
Otherwise it will become harder and harder for new players to be competetive. Villein is base card in any deck with big cap vampires (like Minion Tap was when it was playable) and now it's really hard to get. Such card should be widely available like blood dolls, wake's, etc.

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