lightbulb Worthy reprints for new players and BCP-only format

03 Apr 2022 18:37 #104936 by Lech

Which is essentially the same as I've been suggesting. But bit less straightforward and you'll need to errata plenty of cards.

Any other cards than The Parthenon, Cybele, and Isanwayen?

Whereas with my suggestion you only need to revise the rulebook.

"Actually I'm not advocating ban for ANY cards adding to MPAs, but nerfing the actual Master Phase so that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO EXCEED PLAYING TWO (2) MASTER CARDS in your master phase. In any way. Be it Trifle or some other means. Two per turn, tops."

Your suggestion to change the rules would affect the cards Not to Be and Wash and limit the design space to not be able to work with more master phase slots.

That's actually a bonus.

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