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Do me a favor. Go to player ratings and look at players from Ohio and from Finland. Finland has 3 or 4 times the active players of Ohio which has a little more than twice the population of your country.

We have 30 guys in ohio that have played in the last year and 10 of them played 1 time (at origins). If you lived here you might struggle to see vtes as a vibrant healthy game. The Columbus metro area has a population of a little over 2 million and THERE IS NO PLAY GROUP.

You can accurately say vtes has failed in America.

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03 Sep 2019 16:44 - 03 Sep 2019 16:45 #96755 by Pyrocuror
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It wouldn't be blatant if you fix all the things that are "wrong", change the IP and setting, rework the art and redesign and rebalance the card pool from scratch.

This seems to be what some most vocal people are asking for, and something that would be required if VtES would be 'fixed' to their liking.

If people want another White-wolf flavored game, either a card or board game, where you play vampires to chill and equip a leather jackets on a bike no problem.
But why should we revamp completely the game for everyone, including those actually playing and enjoying it ?
Also if some prefer to play really low-tier decks, for the sake of it and not having to play against good decks, you can still do home drafts.
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03 Sep 2019 17:57 #96757 by Kraus
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You can accurately say vtes has failed in America.

Whereas it is doing really well in Europe and Southern America.

I can't for the life of me call this a failing game. It's not MTG, and it never will be. But it's far from going in decline.

It's sad things aren't that great in the States. However, it's just one continent.

VtES has not failed. It has persevered.

And I, for one, will keep on working to introduce this wonderful game to new players. If one in ten takes the hook and manages time to play, it's a win. There's so many things people like to put their minds and time into these days.

"Oh, to the Hades with the manners! He's a complete bastard, and calling him that insults bastards everywhere!"
-Nalia De-Arnise
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03 Sep 2019 18:06 #96758 by Mewcat
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Maybe we need BC europe and BC america. Clearly the same strategies aren't working for both groups. Russians can hang out with us!

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03 Sep 2019 21:02 #96764 by Kilrauko
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I have thought about making a storyline event called intelligent design where all I do is address the low hanging fruit. Seems kind of sketchy and it wouldn't be a official vtes event but does any one care about that? Maybe, I don't know.

If you follow the build your own storyline here and it's approved then it's official. Naturally it might help with the approval if you roll around some lore reasons *why* things work differently, but considering we've had for example Nergal storyline in the past that banned some cards (to balance things out, aka banning cards is fine), changed gameplay mechanics by introducing new ones (burning cards on Nergal as a rule), used illegal in play elsewhere deck for final round with it replacing one players deck (again switching cards around, rules around gameplay around). It also changed prey-predator composition by changing the table seatings, changed the VP rules to reflect etc etc..

Roll out some fluff to mask it and you can pull almost total conversion of the game. After that it's just matter of getting it approved (I predict they'll be nice enough to provide reason why they didn't approve it so it can be changed) and then finding players and material to run it. Trying it first on kitchen table like setting naturally helps as it can provide predicted win %'s and observations to go along the design.

Trust in Jan Pieterzoon.

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04 Sep 2019 04:23 - 04 Sep 2019 04:36 #96770 by redwulfe
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Once again me and my new playgroup are new players to the game so I may not be the best on knowing how to fix the preceived problems with the game. I don't think it needs to be fixed though. I could be wrong as we have never played against those broken decks but we are very aware that they exist and one day we may play against them.

What I can offer to the discussion is the brand new players perspective, at least our groups perspective. It is very intemidating looking at the whole of the game and seeing what it would take effert wise for us in central Illinois USA to get up to speed on this game. It is vast from our observation and intimedating.

Currently I have bought all the cards for the group to use and plan on beifing up the first blood decsk with the Keepers of the tradition reprints to let our group play with as they gain cards of their own.

What we like is the possibility of the social aspects of the game which are truly unique. We also like the themes of the game and think that they are fun to explore. It reminds us of commander and we are building our group pretty easily. How many will stay or become fully into the game is another question all together. But as far as the power level off our decks they will grow as I tinker with them and grow my own collection over time. I know that I am at least going to stick with it for a while and plan to continue ot tweak my decks for the play group and myself.

What we, I mean me and my one other competative friend, don't like is the bar to entry and feel it would be nice to have a secondary format to feel more comfortable heading into a tournament to play. We would really like to enjoy tournament play. Luckily we do not have an established player base so we can just put our own restrictions on the game, like only BCP reprints, that we have already done. But this won't help us get into the larger game and into major tournaments so there is a bar to entry for us.

Their is more than one way to approach this however. Instead of creating a new format maybe just reprint the top teir decks so that new players can easily access those for competitive play. I know since I am building all the decks and using my collection I would love to have 5 actuall top teir decks to fool around with for my group. Since it seems to be the concensous that these cards are not expensive I don't think we have the 3rd market collectability cost that other games have to worry about distorying with certain card being reprinted. This, to me, is an option.

We were told proxies are allowed so that has made us feel more comfortable, but we do like playing with the real thing and currently cards in local sotres are much harder to come by for us and looking at the price of products online it seems a bit daunting in trems of finding the correct cards to build these decks, and to try and build a collection. pre-made decks from older sets cost $50-100 dollars. Boxes of sets are not as readily available. repacks are but we don't trust that they are not just a rip off as we see with repacks in MTG and singles seems to be harder to find from a US companies so shipping becomes a problem for us at least. We also don't have much choices in deck types as there are not a lot of pre-mades in the reprint cycle currently. Hopefully that will change quickly.

As far as popularity Commander is very equivalent in number of players in a pod and time to play so I don't think that is as big a barrier as one might think. Being able to play with all the cards you have collected is a point of interest for us but if we can not get those cards easily then it is kinda a moot point and then becomes a problem as others get to play with cards we have trouble getting. I do think lack of product availablility is an issue that needs to be adressed and reprinting top teir decks solves that issue a bit.

As far as rotation goes yes designing new cards in a large pool is a balancing nightmare but once again we are not asking for you to design new cards or change your game, we are asking for a limited format or for you to reprint old cards that are already in the game.
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