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28 Jun 2011 08:52 #5524 by emime
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I've been "lurking" since the beginning, but now that I have started making a few posts, I may as well announce my presence :cheer:

My name is Emiliano Imeroni, I am an Italian player, currently prince of Brussels, Belgium. I started playing shortly after Camarilla Edition was released, and after that I have played (and organized tournaments, and tried to set-up and/or maintain playgroups) in Torino (Italy), Utrecht (NL), Swansea (UK) and finally Brussels.

If you are curious about me and VTES, I had once the honor of being interviewed for extrala's blog .

Emiliano "Sans Terre" - Wandering Player - Prince of Brussels

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28 Jun 2011 20:01 #5552 by Malcolm Sprye
Hi Emiliano! I came to this thread to introduce myself, and I see you here.

My name is Sonam Adinolf. I am an American player, from New York City. I played the game a bit when it first came out, but didn't stick with it. I didn't really get serious about the game till I came back to it in 2005. When I discovered that a Stanislava deck that I made from nothing but some Jyhad and Dark Sovereigns I owned could still win tournaments, I was impressed at the lack of power creep.
I've been playing since then, and travelling around for tournaments since 2006.

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28 Jun 2011 22:48 #5559 by MaxO
Replied by MaxO on topic Re: Announce your Presence
Hello there!

Just found this thread and thought I should introduce myself. My name is Max Ogden, I'm a student at Nottingham University and when I'm not there I live in Norfolk, UK. I've only been playing for a couple weeks, but have been spreading the love and now have a small group of friends who are willing to play the game and have taken to it well. When I return to Nottingham I plan to start a playgroup there. I have a space I can use there, and will probably try and buy in some prize support.

My aim is to have roughly 12ish playable decks, all of different clans, all doing a variety of things. This would allow me to teach a table of players as well as offering them variety, and also run three 4 man tables if I get that much interest.

I have been playing ccg's for about 6 years now, mostly Magic and L5R, but also the Spoils and the WoW TCG, and have had some measure of success within them. However, I feel that V:tES is the best I've ever played, and that's after only a few games.

I also roleplay and play other games, notably Heroes of Newerth and Starcraft II, nicely rounding out my geek credentials.

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03 Jul 2011 06:03 #5747 by Hyllan
Replied by Hyllan on topic Re: Announce your Presence
I'm Caroline Hyll from Stockholm, Sweden. I learnt to play this game in 2004 when I studied in the smallish town of Örnsköldsvik. VTES was something of a refugee for the nerds in the town, since most of its habitants rather fancied sports. My first deck was a Final Nights Setite starter.

I like the multiplayer aspects of this camme and, of course, the deck building and strategic parts. My favorite kind of decks are vote decks and toolboxy deck but I have fair share of block- and combat decks too.

I usually attend the European Championships. It's difficult to beat the combination of seeing new cities, of lots of VTES, and of nice people.

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25 Jul 2011 06:49 #6743 by flarkit
Replied by flarkit on topic Re: Announce your Presence
Hi from South Africa :)

I've been playing VTES since roughly 1998, when a friend introduced me. I had fewer than 200 cards for a while, mostly a few donations and some boosters. I moved to a city with some stock which I started buying up until I was able to source lots more cards from the US (Ebay and Potomac Distribution FTW). These days I have probably 20,000 cards although I'm not a fervent collector. I prefer donating cards to new players in order to have people to play with and also prefer actually playing with the cards, than trying to have copies of amazing rares.

I find VTES much more enjoyable than the other CCG's I've tried, since it brings a strong social aspect to the game, along with the complex dynamics on 5-player tables and the huge variety of deck ideas.

Our playgroup in the adjoining cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria has see-sawed over the years, although there's a stable core group of about 6-8 people who've stuck around. These days there's some renewed interest again and we have a large group in far-away Cape Town which probably exceeds ours in both size and regularity of events.

It's incredibly saddening that WW's no longer supporting it, since we're enjoying good support here for a change. I only hope things will change again through the sustained support of the VTES community.

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28 Jul 2011 16:47 #7015 by Wookie813
I'm Tom and in Michigan USA.

Played from day 1, have been mostly inactive for the past several years as I raise young children and work full time.

I might still be the Prince of Pontiac, MI. Not sure. I haven't run any tournaments and don't have the time to do so, but am willing to help folks find playgroups, buyers/sellers for their cards, etc.

I did the painting that is on the Toy card. Thanks Ben.

I suggest a new strategy...let the Wookie win.

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